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Fattening up to Immobility for the World Part 1

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They want to change the world and make feedism mainstream, they just need somebody that can serve as symbol, a steadily growing center of attention that showed why more human beings are made like pigs and are best fattend up to huge dimensions.
When he looked for a feeder, he wanted to find a feeder that had no upper limit and wanted to feed a man to immobility and beyond, but he then found more than he bargained for.

foreword by Rubens
This is a masterwork of mine, you don't even know how horny I was while writing this, I was so in the zone. Forgive the typos, but I was so in the story, I just had to keep writing. I channeled a huge amount of sexual energy into this text and I want to turn you on too, I hope you get really hard (for men) and super wet (for women). It is kinda magical and it feels like this is my gift in this life, it is too bad that it is a starving art, that I can't make a living writing stories that turn feeders and feedees on. Here you can read how I should be fattened up, how I wish that this really happened, how I wish I would turn you on so much that you want to do this really with me. What would I give to see how wet and horny this makes you, how I wish to be fattened up by a woman that gets dripping wet at the same stuff that makes me really horny and hard. Come find me! As of middle of 2021, I have just been prefattened, the main fattening is still to come, fast weight gain needs to happen soon, force-feeding by a female feeder and well, the funnel and tube feeding, all hot things that I desperately need to experience.


1. Part 1

When Feeding Foundation contacted him, he could not believe his eyes, what he read there.
He ran his own website, Rubens had originally only been a feeder for women, but the longer he did it, the better he became, the more it came to roost home and he started to fatten up himself.
He had a Youtube channel, where he showed to the world how he was gaining, how he was getting fatter and fatter. He knew that he might not be able to stop and part of him worried that he might find the feeder that he was looking for and that she would purposefully make him immobile, that she would not let him get away anymore and that he gained even faster, when a man joined the relationship, he was now the meat in the relationship sandwich, both giver and receiver, and being fattened up by both to grow inbetween them.

His Youtube channel had only 2000 subscribers, that were very loyal, but the range of exposure was generally very small. His patreon did really bad, he had 2 to 5 patreons and income was very disappointing.

He was not very known to say the least, all that was about to change.

Julia contacted Rubens via email with the words
"Are you just talk? Do you just talk big? Or would you really let a feeder make you immobile? If you are just talk, please don't waste my time. If you really mean it, we want to propose to you the chance of a lifetime."

Here Rubens thought "alright, here comes the pitch of a scammer... Bring it on, I have heard it all"

We want to fatten you up, we want to help you realize your dream of pumping and fattening up like a pig and you can help us realize ours.

We want to make a world real, where feedees get fattened up and each feedee has a goal that it needs to grow to. I contacted you because you have no upper limit,so we want to educated the world about how amazing it can be to pump up a fat pig like you.

Feeding is currently a taboo, weight gain too, so we need an example, a person that needs to get fattened up, that can't wait to expand and fatten.
You could help so many others to just let go, to give in to the fattening that is happening anyway to you, that you can't stop.

Help others by fattening up for us, by being very open about it and talking how it feels to be inflated.

We both know that fast weight gain is part of your DNA.

She did not want to spook him with that crazy idea that they had, because he was the prime subject that probably would work best, all the different fattening techniques could be tried out and contant weight gain was guaranteed.

So she let him visit her and made sure she had food for 20 people in the house and then slowly at first and then faster and faster, just giving him time to stretch and grow inside. She knew that he would need training, that he was likely not used to overeating like this and he soon gasped and moaned at the pressure inside his gut and his belly got huge.

He could not let his gaze off Julia's chest, which was enourmous. She was probably around 300 pounds and had a natural hourglass form, big hips, that were fat and wide and huge breasts, two large soft bags, that were more like pillows. She followed his gaze and smiled "oh yes, these! Everybody notices them, they are actually my initials, J.J. (cupsize).

He wanted to feel them and play with them and she refused "no sorry, only if you do your part for me! I need to write a report and I hope we can start you with a few pounds of more fat!"

She gave him fattener shake to drink "Are you ready to balloon? Are you ready to give in to the fat? Or are you one of these posers? Holding back and never going all the way, the reason why you are still so very thin? Or are you my feedee and you drink whatever I give you?"
He answered the question by starting to drink. Soon he had explosive pressure in his gut, his belly looked like it was going to rupture and blow up with a big bang, it had never been so big and he got turned on by showing this to a female feeder.

"You are going to love this!" she beamed "We are going to make you a super star, you will become world famous and extremely rich. Everybody will know you!"
He loved what he heard, but she held up a hand "hear me out, there are also obligations that you will have and your life will take a very different turn than most others. Sports and outdoor activities will soon get harder and harder, till they will become impossible for you. Also, this is both a pandoras box and a cornucopia, once we start, there will be no going back. We will have a contract, but we will make sure that you can't physically brake it anyway."
She paused and went ot the kitchen to get something, he was so horny and panting, he could feel that his life was about to change, that things would never be the same, that his belly was glowing and slowly giving way to the pressure and inflating.

"Alright" she continued "We are the 8 principal feeders in the feeding foundation, the biggest institute in the world that deals with intentional weight gain. Now feeding globally is in really bad shape, fat is still considered ugly, gaining on purpose is still seen as sick. We can to change all that, we will make it mainstream and popular and excepted. And for this we need you: We will help you fullfill your natural talent for extreme weight gain.
He felt an explosive pressure grow inside his gut, his belly inflated a little, in one push, he wanted so bad to get extremely fat, he could feel how his belly just wanted to pump up like crazy, he was a little scared, if he let this happen...if he gave in to that.... he could not. It was too extreme..."
His gut made a stretching noise and he gasped and panted, aroused and horny.

Julia saw that this was working well, he was getting into the right mindset.

[he is thinking about the fat pump

"We want to publicly feed you, on prime time television, for all to see. We will fatten you up on purpose, steadily making you fatter and fatter and FATTER. We won't mince words and show it all, and we will tie you and force-feed you. I know that turns you on, my fat piggy, doesn't it?"
he gasped and panted, his pulse went fast, he was fattening up and needed force-feeding, right there, right then.The feeding trance was taking him over, where rapid weight gain became urgent and a burning desire.

"This sounds like all fun, but it won't be. We will be doing experiments in fattening you up, you will authorize us to use any and all weight gain methods, from the tame to the extreme, from JOJO dieting, where we let you starve a few days and then force feed you for 2 days and then repeat to see if your fat cells grow faster from that, to stuffing, having to eat competitively with others and being punished with gavage when you can't best them. Ah yes, Gavage, to explain: That is what Geese experience when they are force-fed for foie gras. We custom designed a gavage feeding machine, sized it up from the size for goose stomachs to your size (3 liters, through the fattening up you now have about double what a normal human has and that is making you steadily gain) and that thing can pump up your stomach in only a few seconds and stretch it pretty violently, but the treatment is very fattening.

Hearing about the gavage machine and having this much pressure in his gut was scary and arousing at the same time.

Then we will also funnel feed you and use a feeding tube, we will just show this as totally normal, which it is for some feedees.
We want to show how hot that looks when a human being gets pumped up and inflated like a balloon and how amazing your fat gut looks once you start fattening up rapidly, it will make clear why you need this treatment and why anybody that is a feedee like you should be fattened like that.

"It's very important to show all that, to show the inflating belly, live"

It was so much to take in, but she was in a hurry "we need to move a little faster here, everything is already being prepared, some of the equipment is quite expensive and we need to use it as soon as possible. Do you think you could sign the contract today?"

He was so horny and saw that she was dripping wet too and it was the hottest thing he had ever experienced.

"we have done our research and this should be your life dream! To be honest, it is not really a choice you have, because you will gain anyway, all you can do is slow it down, but why do that? Why not have fun and speed it up?"
Like she wanted to make a point, she came closer to him and he could not resist feeling her dripping wet panties and slid his hand in to find a dripping wet pussy and she moaned when he touched it, and like any guy in this situation, he had to slide inside her, his cock was so hard and glowing, and the fucked a few strokes, wow, she felt so good and she enjoyed it too, holding his fat belly. He opened her top and out came two massive huge udder breasts, of the super huge brand, soft and massive, with a dream of large areolas, that made them look even bigger.

Her bushy black hair was long and her eyes a beautiful green, her tits jumped up and down as the fucked and she held his gut in front of him.

He was seriously in fat trance, he needed to gain.
"I'm going to be your personal feeder, I'm into the same things you are." and with that she grabbed the pad with the contract, where he had to put his thumb print and his digital DNA Signature.
"Please sign it right now, so we can start soon, we have a lot to do and we are behind, according to the fattening plan you should already be 60 pounds fatter, I will catch you up, I want to see your gut get riddle with stretch marks and give you your first hanging gut. We are a match made in heaven, I have looked for such a pig of a feedee far and wide, like you I don't have any upper limit!"
His gut pumped at that and grew quite a bit.
He had to sign it, she was right, it was urgent, very urgent. He signed it and then she said "and by the way, we will make you immobile, that is in the conditions, but you were looking for that anyway!"

And then the fat trance came through all the way, he needed to gain and balloon and he needed a feeder that made sure the fat made him stay put and fatten up more.

"I have to go take care of some things, some formalities, will be back in a sec!" she said. "Please relax and give yourself a break, you are in good hands now!"

He felt so good, felt the warm fuzzy feeling in his pumped up belly. He needed to gain, a push, a pump in his fat was necessary, he needed to experience it, when all he would do is fatten up, gain and expand, where that was all that he needed to do and he knew that he had an amazing talent for fattening up

When she was out of the room, he started to have strong visions of his belly getting huge, he would gain quickly and soon struggle to walk and he was getting fan mail on discord, from women that said "you showed me, I'm a feeder, I somehow always knew it, but never wanted to stand by it. I'm now fattening up my boyfriend and sex has never been this hot in our whole life, he loves it too!"

And then he gasped, because a petite woman came into the room and he could feel the future, how this woman would make him gain a lot, how he would be helpless. She walked strangely, jerkingly, he noticed her wide hips, wearing jeans and how lean she was, she was a contrast to Julia, which was huge compared to her.
"I'm Elaine!" she said and smiled right after saying it, "I was made to make you gain, I'm a representation of your desire for size difference that fattens you up. I'm thin and fatless and that will make you gain faster, the bigger our size difference grows, the fatter that makes you"
She all said it with a very strange cadence, in a way that he had never heard before. She came to him and he first thought she would want to kiss him, but then she pushed him backwards and on the bed, she was very strong and she gripped his arm and her grip was iron, he could not move his arm. Then he was on his back and on the bed and she straddled his gut with her legs and she smiled, that same smile from before, way too generic a smile, way too much teeth. She grabbed something out of her bag and it was a small Pistol that had a glass attached at the bottom of it and a gas cylinder too. He could not move, she was gripping his belly sides with her legs and they are extremely strong. He was a strong man, but he could not even move her an inch.
"Relax my fatty! Breathe deeply and open up for me!" she said.
He wanted to open up for her, he trusted her and loved her, he did not know how, he did not even know her. His mouth closed again and she reached out with one hand and slid it into his mouth and suddenly he realized, down his throat
It was like her fingers had grown longer and longer and she she slid inside his stomach, he gasped and panted, that feeling of getting plugged in, of his stomach like a balloon, no fucking around, just a hose down his throat, into his stomach and then pump pump pump. He saw a flash of an extremely obese guy, struggling to get up and he recognized his belly, and his back fat, all insanely pumped up and 10 times as fat as now.
IT was the reason why he would not stand a chance, why the fat pump and immobility was a certainty and there was no escape. She tickled the entrance of his stomach and he gasped and moaned, he wanted that hose so badly and being inflated by it.
"Oh wow, you are still tiny in there, such a firm and small stomach, I want to stretch you!" and that was while his stomach had already doubled in size with the fattening.
She pulled her hand back and it was absurd that she could do that, and then he felt her hand in his mouth.
"Now open up for me, this will be a little uncomfortable, but it will help with fattening you up faster!"
He got nervous and scared and tried to close the mouth.
"Please don't resist and open up wide, resisting just makes you fatten up faster, fear of fat makes you fat!"
and she started to open up his jaw, it was like her hand had become a vice that was expanding and pushing his jaw open, she opened it all the way, till he was scared that she might pop out his jaw. And then he was wide open, his insides exposed and she took the pistol and aimed at his mouth and pulled the trigger, at which point it went pop, a little explosion and a hissing and a little pellet hit his throat and it hurt a little, but made him gasp too and she shot a few more and they went deeper every time.
Then one zoomed down his gullet and landed in his stomach, and another one and another one. She just kept pushing the trigger really fast and a whole load of them and he moaned. In front of his mental eye, a really fat pig appeared, huge, a gigantic drum, they had really fattened up that pig, it looked so hot, and he saw his own massively bloated body with huge fat folds, on all fours, next to the pig. She grabbed his fat pad, was padding it, played with it, jiggled it, he could tell that she was waiting for something, that she was..... she was touching his fat got too and jiggling it, she was checking out how thick his lard layer was on his gut, and well, she did that while she had her hand in his mouth, pushing it open and while she shot the pills in his gut. The pills did something to him, it made him soft and open and he got more and more aroused.
Then he could feel another hand feel his tits, cup them, check them out and play with his nipple. And then it pushed, while she held his fat pad in her hand, it pumped up, it just grew fatter, and the same thing happened with his tits, they just filled with fat and grew bigger.
The pills must have been doing that. She was 3/4 through the bottle when she said "I'm actually an Android, a machine. I'm not a human being. They actually made me for you, in case you would have been hard to convince. But Julia already got you to sign. That is why you get so horny when I fed you, they made me knowing your deepest secrets, feeding wishes that you don't even know."
Now it made complete sense, that's why her grip was so hard and why she had that many arms.

"By contract you ahve to let me feed you, no matter what. No matter how full you are and I will use that to good effect."
He realized that he had signed that, without knowing. What else was on there that he did not know about? It felt now very dangerous to have signed something that would define his whole future and way of life, but he was so horny and these pills...
She played with his fat pad and it pumped again, the fat layer was also growing on his gut. She held the belly fat as it inflated and grew fast.

"You are getting a little bit of fat pump action, the pills bring it out, it had been stuck in you."
Julia came back and was fully naked and moaned and panted when she saw what was happening "oh wow, you are priming him already! I thought they would do that tomorrow!"


This is just part 1, a lot more to come


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