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 Marriage can sometimes lead to extra pounds and extra deliciousness. Sometimes there is strong intention in the game

written on 19.05.2006

He wondered what had happen to her. In high school she had been pretty thin and now she was already pretty plump. It looked good on her though, especially the curves that started to show.

He had never liked the thin types, looking so neither female nor male, but he caught himself now having never considered asking her out before, making the mistake of many men of judging a woman

just from the outside.

He discovered a deep intelligent woman, with rich and diverse interests. He loved to go out with her, feeling a deep bond that he had never felt before.

It was not long thereafter that she got pregnant, not as a surprise to him or her. They had forgotten protection and somehow nobody of them seemed to care really that much. They married, as though it had been the logical course to do anyway and the growing baby inside her was just an welcome excuse to do the step.

After having the baby, she had put on some ponds, rounding off her already plump curves. Her breasts had grown with the milk and when the baby stopped drinking, he loved to enjoy her

milk as much as he could. Sometimes while drinking of having passionate and steaming sex, he called her his fertile cow with her udder and she found that quite a turn on.

Then, as her lactation had stopped, her breasts somehow just failed to shrink down again. She adored the fertile and savagely feminine looks they gave her and so did he.

How they moved with their new size and her home life made her settle down more, become slower and more elegant in her movements, eating more and working out less.

This filled her out more and she noticed that her breasts had not reduced in size due to her increased body fat content that she had gotten.

She enjoyed being a mom and soon she got pregnant again. This time, when pregnancy matured her belly puffed up, her breasts swelled to new size, the milk swelling them and making her look more and more like a real cow. How great was it just to be a woman and do woman things, she thought.

He adored her and admired her like a goddess. After she had given birth, she started to have real eating binges.

He noticed her inflated gut and it looked like she was pregnant again, as she over ate almost every day.

As she was alone, she realized slowly more and more how great it felt to eat so much and enjoy sex with her husband. She noticed how she put on the pounds and how it benefited her greatly.

Her body feeling grew with her size, she felt more and more the woman she always aspired to be.

He cooked for her with all his skill and enjoyed to see her eat. As she got pregnant the third time, and another dear part of her life and family grew inside her sweet soft tummy, he held one of her always ripening and growing breasts in his hand and as so often called her their darling name of "my sweet fat cow".

After kissing and getting so hot in the process, she blurted it all out:

"oh, please love, fatten me up! Make me grow as large as I need to be!"

It was the sexiest thing he had ever heard before, not a surprise really, like something he had always known about her.

He kissed her deep, held her close and whispered in her ear that he gladly would.

They waited till she got the baby, but as her breasts were full with sweet milk, he started feeding her. And as the baby drank from her breasts, many times she was panting and out of breath from all the food that he had stuffed into her tummy that ballooned up below her drooping breasts.

They had such a ball, feeding her slowly and gently till she was out of breath from the newest expansion from her stomach and the feeling of sheer pumped up-ness. Then, when she was in high heat, they had hot and delicious sex.

The weeks passed like this and as her breasts settled down, larger and more bell shaped than they had ever been, they together held her taut tummy like the father and mother expectant of a baby. But this time it was just a lot of pounds that she was expecting.

Like she had been waiting for him to feed and fatten her up, she came apart and grew very 3 dimensionally, her tummy swelling large and cellulite ridden and her breasts getting enormous. Her femininity seemed to increase by the week.


Their friends noticed her ascend to becoming a lard tub, but it was their sweet secret. It often left her breathless being pushed by him to become fatter and fatter.

It was a strong act of love both of them shared intimately. Every time before they made love, she wanted him to explore her limits from a new. Her tummy seemed to grow larger every time, showing her large expanding stomach. It was like her being pregnant and they both admiring her stomach in sweet expectation, which it was, in a way: They were expecting her to balloon up more, as she panted, she did it partly because her overstuffed stomach made breathing more difficult and partly because her being so full, her stomach stretching made her hot. In these moments, she knew that she was growing, that soon she would occupy more space and be a larger woman altogether.

Although she usually was already dripping wet, he then gave her a stomach massage, gently pushing down the food into her colon, so her stomach got free again for the last act. My, being fattened up by her man was such a crazy turn on and fantastic thing. When he had freed up some space inside her tummy, he reached down inside her pants and rubbed her below her belly, in her dripping wet spot and brought her pure fattener, a rich mix of bananas, chocolate, digestive accelerator and olive oil. He was topping her off with it, filling up all that could still fit in her stomach, while kissing her and enjoying her louder getting moans.

Then he laid her down and made sweet love to her, sleeping with her without protection, in case another kid should decide to enhance their already amazing family.

She had the most amazing orgasms and needlessly to say, this fattened her up a great deal.

As her stomach grew even larger, she got pumped up with more and more pure fat and stretch marks started to appear on her already fat ridden gut.


This practice took her breath away, gave her fat shaking orgasms, made her udders swell from the milk, the pleasure and the infusion of fat to incredible dimensions. Sometimes she woke up in the morning, having been stuffed and done the last evening and she just could not get up, felt the lust of the last day still pulsating between her legs and deep inside her belly. The nanny taking care of the kids, she just stayed in bed, letting her digestion work and getting fatter. When he came home then, she was breathless at the expectation, held her belly and realized that she was still partly full from the last evening.

They stuffed her like a turkey, her hot moans reverberating in the room.

As her fattening slowed, her belly was a large hanging sagging thick sheet of fat, her breasts even when not pregnant made her look like a milk cow, they finally found what they were looking for.

The perfect weight. She had become a very fat cow of a woman and further weight gain was not desired neither by him and by her. Like always in these manners, they totally agreed unspoken with each other on this affair.



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