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About to inflate

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In some other reality, I meet a couple and the gaining and fattening fun is afoot! 

Wow, I'm gaining faster, I can feel it. And you, look at the pics what you are doing to me by watching me gain and telling me that you want me to fatten up for you.
It is crazy, I'm trying to get a grip on what is happening with me with my large brain and it feels like I'm doing this all myself and am in control, but also that I'm being fattened up externally and am unable to stop.

So now, I'm noticing that I'm gaining quicker, fattening up faster. I probably gain about 1 to 2 kg per month now (2 to 4 pounds) and can feel that this will speed up. It is hard to describe, but I have dreams where I can feel how I'm hooked up to a pump that inflates me and the pressure is steadily rising inside my gut. I love the feeling and agree that it needs to keep increasing, it will help me spreading and getting super fat.

I get more and more desire to be force-fed, where my belly is pumped up for real.


And I can feel, that in another parallel earth, I'm getting a doctors consultation right now. A special kind of doctor, one that monitors my fattening up. I get measured, weighed and my stretch marks get photographed. There are galleries that just display women and men's bands of expansion. He is a feeder himself and asks me about my feelings and impulses when gaining and I tell him about I'm falling for force-feeding, that having been tied down and forced to gain by both a woman and a man has made me addicted to it. And how it worries me a little, how I'm going to gain faster and faster. That I'm losing control and need to run away.

He then calls one of the doctors from another office over and I'm speechless how fat this man is, how wide his motorized wheelchair. My doctor talks with him about some other things and while the very fat one is out of earshot, my doctor tells me "You will get fatter than him, for sure. Fear is good, because it speeds up the fattening, just wait till you gain rapidly and notice how you are slowing down while jiggling more and more. You will run away, trying to escape from immobility. But the most fattening for you will be your realization that you can't run away anymore, your feeder playing with you, chasing you, asking you to sit down to keep gaining, to finish the job. Or he will show you the tube and see if you get weak and slip into the fat trance, where you give in. If you resist more, he might tie your hands and plug that tube inside your stomach really quickly and start pumping you up as you have never been force-fed before. Noticing how he gets a hard-on from your trying to escape or how your female feeder gets wet panties from it, getting a special kick out of force-feeding you, it is nothing new. It is waiting for you!"
And me watching this incredibly fat guy, his gut a huge ocean of fat, large hanging heavy moobs. His gut was spreading his huge fat legs, it was all hanging, he had gotten large hanging sacks on his upper arms, as the super-obese had. His double chin was huge, his face was wide and inflated with fat, just looking at it would give you a hint that his main purpose in life had changed to becoming a fat producer. I could feel the same impulses already, the fat was changing me, things that I would have found grotesque or crazy extreme started to become attractive and felt natural.
It was scary and hot at the same time seeing him. He was a victim, he needed to be force-fed, with no choice to resist and I knew that I was going there too. Force-feeding him would just mean that I would soon receive the same, to be fattened up a lot.

I told my doctor that I got more and more the impulse that there would be a time where I needed to settle down and stop resisting fully and focus on gaining even quicker, let the inevitable happen.

I loved him for showing what was in store for me.
"He is a role model, he helps thinner people fatten up." said my doctor, "like you are for others. You help others to gain, to lose their fear of fattening up. That is also why you need to give in more to force-feeding, let it happen and make your weight gain curve even steeper."

I knew he was right, but I was still scared. I would lose my mobility if I kept going. I knew that this fat guy could not get up anymore and that I should enjoy walking as long as I could still manage it.

The doctor set a new target weight for me, I had reached 400 pounds (182 kg) and was due for 450 and then 500 pounds (226 kg).
Due to my fat getting activated, according to him, my weight gain had to naturally speed up.


1. The Pig Farm

There was a place and it was called the pig farm. It allowed it very openly for feeders to feed their feedees there. It was a lot of fun, till a feedee started to reach my size and realized what it was doing to him, that it was more and more rapidly fattening him up.

It was sponsored by the government and all food was free. It had decided years ago that any feedee that needed to gain, should be made to fatten up as much as possible.

I had spent some fun times there, but now knew I had to resist, otherwise, I would end up in a wheelchair like the fat guy.
My bad luck or my bellies good luck was, that I had a large group of feeder which whom I was in constant contact. Claudia and Paul arrived just when I exited the doctor's office. They both had fattened me up independently and sometimes together. They also had locator access to my localizer chip I had implanted: Since they had fattened me up 40 pounds, they were allowed (and actually encouraged) to keep fattening me up more.
"Oh hi porky!" they both said, "Did you get a new goal from the fat specialist?" Claudia asked and went straight to the doctor. Paul followed her and soon she came back and lifted my shirt to check out my gut.
"You look like you need feeding!" Paul said in a concerned tone.
And both of them grabbed me and off we went to the pig farm.
The doc told us that you need us now more than ever: That you are dangerously underweight and you might starve if we don't fatten you up quickly.
I had never felt so fat arriving there, but I knew that I was still thin. Before we sat down, there was the obligatory measuring and taking a pic with the feed cam, that went out to all my subscribers and an invitation to my life stream, different cameras, one the famous belly cam.

And then it started: Paul made me drink a large bottle of fattener to get my fat cells primed, Claudia brought me an inordinately large amount of pork belly. She knew that I needed it, I have been craving it. A former feeder of mine that had moved away and now was watching via cam had had a theory about that: I had gotten a few pounds of highly active pork fat a while back that was now part of the ball belly that was growing. It must have been from pigs that were force fed, possibly even from a legendary pig:

Fat, that had growing rapidly and without stopping and was now working on me, wanting more fat like this.

And it felt so good to guzzle it down, I got aroused from touching the chunks of fat with my tongue and chewing it deliciously, before swallowing and pumping into the fat pump that was my stomach where it would do its dirty deed to my ballooning waistline.

I could not stop, could I?

I mustered up all my willpower and closed my mouth when Claudia fed me.
"I need to lose weight!" I exclaimed, at which both Claudia and Paul laughed.
"I'll support you!" she said and inserted her fingers in my jaw and opened it, like you do with a cat, and shoved a specially large piece of fat in my mouth. Then she stroked and massaged my throat in a downward motion, meaning chew and then pump down. Then she massaged my belly in a circular motion, which I knew only too well, as it was designed to stimulate lipogenesis, creation of new fat cells and pumping up existing ones.

I could feel her will, how she wanted me to fatten for her, how she longed to see how I got very obese. And I felt my will melting like butter in the sun. I had to gain, I had an obligation, I knew. I should have stopped before, said no, stopped. Now it was too late, now I was way too fat, now I had to keep going.
"I think it is great that you want to lose weight, let me help you!" and with that Paul inserted a large funnel into my mouth and was pouring something warm and delicious into it, it was very fat, as always and I swallowed greedily, it felt so good. I was glad they both were helping me lose weight.

And then, fast forward 30 minutes, my gut has grown, the pressure rose inside me and it is exciting to see my fat-laden gut got larger. The thick fat layer looked hot on such a pumped up gut. Then add another 30 minutes and the gut is even more inflated. Add 2 hours more and my fat gut has doubled in size and the pressure is arousing me, I'm masturbating while they feed me and I know that it makes me gain even better. They both keep feeding me.
I feel more and more that I will explode any second, I pant and breathe hard. A few feedees are watching me and I address them with "It is really hot to be inflated! I feel like I'm going to explode in a second! I'm a fat pig, I need this pressure to grow faster, I know it is good for me! Don't be scared, if you need to fatten like this, let me show you how I gain and expand. If it helps you, I would ask them to inflate me really hard, so you can see a fat pig that can't stop anymore!"
I loved being a role model and example for others. A few of them had the courage to feel my fat gut and feed me a little, noticing what a fat pig I was becoming.


2. Role Model and Fat Blimp


I was a little scared of a few of them that stuck around and showed interest. There was a really petite woman with a large guy with a hanging gut, then there was a chubby guy that was feeding a super fat woman that was panting, he kept popping food into her mouth and I was not sure if she was so full already or got aroused what she saw me become.

I was scared because I loved seducing others to fattening up. And both my feeders knew my Achilles heel being both a voyeur and exhibitionist in the gaining and fattening arts. And to help them give in to their drive to expand and fatten, they would make an example out of me, show them how they mixed up fattener for me, showed them some weight gain accelerators, pills that were meant for stock animals, pigs and hogs. And for fun and a show case, they dropped quite a hefty overdose into the fattening shake that contained, by regulation, at least 50% pure fat. I was then innocently drinking it, without knowing what would soon explode inside my fat gut.
They would inflate me, make me gain quickly and without stopping for their enjoyment and, seduction. It had happened before and I had gained in a few surges, putting on a lot of weight quickly for being an educational example.

Then the hunger grew inside me, I moaned and panted. I felt I was starving, all feeling of being sated vanished and my stomach gave way.

I suddenly realized that my two feeders had done it again. They were showing off my extreme feeding side, the pig in me.
I panted and it attracted a larger audience, everybody was looking at my fat gut and I could not prevent myself from licking my lips and holding my fat gut. "oh please feed me, I need to fatten up, quickly! Fatten me up like a sow, Please help me! Slow me down, make sure I will sit soon, I can't stop gaining anyway, just inflate me and make sure I can't get away anymore. OMG, I need to swell, fast!"

And soon everybody was feeding me, and I could not say no, my gut was getting larger and larger and larger, soon it doubled again and it moved slowly, gurgling, my stomach as huge, it was hot and scary to show how huge I was inside to all these people, what a confession what a fat pig I was. It showed how they had stretched me.
Then, a loud groaning noise filled the room, as my gut slowly inflated, I felt that giving away sensation that my stomach made when it lost firmness and stretched a lot and grew a lot larger.


3. Pumping

And then, I could not stop it, I had flirted with the fear of exploding too many times before, I felt how I got pumped up. First the pumps were small, but they grew stronger and faster soon. I looked at everyone, with that look for terror, but also heat and excitement, I was happy that it was happening, but scared at the same time as for how fattening this was for me.
But this was just the beginning. My huge gut filled the room with the sound of liquid fat gurgling and welling in this huge inflated massive sack that I called a stomach and my huge fat folds, the belly that looked like an inflated balloon grew with every pump.

"Oooooooohh, I'm getting fatter!" I gasped as it happened. This was not the first time, but it had never been so strong, my feeders had overdone it and I was already gaining quickly, but all that fat and I could feel fattener in my gut pushing me hard. I looked at the audience and was a little embarrassed, that this was happening with me, that I was a man that was being pumped up, but the fat had saddled me, prepared me for this and I knew that instead of a fattening surge happening at night, first dreaming and then waking up to being inflated with fat, this was important to show these feedees and feeders.
It was a transformation that was happening with me, one that more and more important to me. I saw that the super fat woman was looking at me with that look, she was greedy and hot at the same time, and embarrassed,
but there was a knowing look. Like her feeder had brought here there before, like she had dreams about it, didn't dare to tell her feeder how much it turned her on, lest he would just do it again. But her feeder was playing with her pussy and his hand came up dripping wet. Her pussy was deceiving her, was singing the truth to him, what she needed. And that her features, the wide face, the large double chin, the huge gut that was hanging and the huge swinging tits that moves like pendulums, the way her face was inflated and made her look like a fat pig, that was not accidental, but meant that she needed to be pumped up more.

I wanted to watch her, but my own belly got busy and it was fattening up rapidly. and then she watched me inflate and gain.

It was very important for the fat woman, so it would remove all doubt about her fattening up by watching how I pumped up rapidly. There was no escaping, it was happening to me and I was glad. This was actually not uncommon for obese fatties, there were some fattening boosters, that when given in a large overdose would create strong fat pumping in

I just inflated, I was a showcase how a human being could be fattened up and inflated like a pig. The pumping was stronger and each of them visibly impregnated me with fat, the fat folds coming out, spreading, hanging more.


4. Unhinged

My fattening up had unhinged her, made her lose all resistance and dream of becoming a lot fatter and fatter quickly.

My gut was turning into an ocean of fat.
I tried to get up, struggled, felt how the fat weighed me down and plopped back down, fattening more, giving in, helpless. A victim to the fattening and lard. But also guilty of having let myself being fattened up so many times and never having rebelled and run away. My face fattened and my double chin pumped up with every push. Paul showed me pictures of super obese men, all likely immobile and I knew that it was my target, that he and Claudia were working hard to transform me.

My whole belly groaned and made stretching noises, I got huge stretch marks on my gut that held testament to how I rapidly inflated.

Paul worked for a company that sold wheelchairs for super obese people and he could not wait to fit me for one.
The fat woman got horny and excited at hearing my expand and fatten, she knew that sound, her feeder had pushed her before.

Her feeder hand kept coming up dripping wet, her soaked pussy telling him what to do. He slapped and jiggled her huge gut and grabbed the large mass of one of her huge titties. They looked like they had inflated to a K cup size, but the way he handled these large bags showed that he wanted more.
He grabbed her hands and moved them behind her back and tied them.
"And now be a nice fatty and gain for me! I want to reward you with sex when your gut gets huge bands of stretch marks from fattening up!"
She started to moan and pant.
He shows her the thick feeding tube and she starts to moan helplessly, sounding both shocked, horrified that he would tube feed such a massively fat woman like her and what it would do to her gut. And very excited and horny at the same time, part of the shock her realizing that this was EXACTLY the right thing for her, she had not grown this fat as an accident. That there was method to this, that her losing more and more mobility was normal and ordained.

What a parallel world, I wish I was there! It would make things a little easier and could watch how I would inflate and bloat up with fat quite fast.


5. You

If you are reading this, you got a wet pussy from me describing what should happen with me or you got a hard cock from it, please come find me and fatten me up rapidly, I want to show you the way I inflate with fat. I'm the type of feedee you like, it will be super hot to be tied by you and fattened up.
If this stuff turns you on, I have a super hot way that I need to get fattened up: You can use a pretty thick tube, and I will love to swallow it, plugging myself in. And then you could pump me up like a balloon, like it needs to happen. I promise you I could not stop to eat anymore. Even after hours and hours and hours of stuffing myself and feeling I would explode soon, I could not stop. I would ask you to give me a special belly massage, with pumping and circling motions, designed for fat absorbtion. I can't stop overeating, These motions if applied on a fat gut like mine speed up gaining and fattening, with the imperative of a feeder, to which my gut will obey and grow faster. My stomach is a the limit, please help me digest and fatten up faster, so I get more room, because I can't stop eating.

If not me, please fatten up a woman or a man, make sure they expand and gain, help them get as fat as they need to.
There are men and women that need to desperately gain and expand, they need to be fattened up. I also fatten up as an example for them, so they can see why it needs to happen.

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