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Big fat massive surprise

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This is for female feeders and male feedees.

Look at these before and after pictures of me. If you look at my belly how it has ballooned up, you might see what is waiting in it. Your senses as a female feeder might tell you that this is all seed fat, that so far this was all pre-fattening, that the main course fattening is still to come. And I need a passionate female feeder for it, I'm currently growing and fattening, but it is going too slow. This tiny little fat belly longs for growing huge, for rapid and strong fattening, for being unleashed.
And maybe I should be honest and direct, for the right feeder that is also extreme

and into the more advanced techniques this should be a turn-on, arouse you deeply, because I will be talking out of your dreams, the things you always wanted to do with a man.

I want to gain for you, fatten, expand, blow up, inflate, pump up, I want to become very very obese for you, so obese that I have a hard time walking and you enjoy watching me. get a belly that is 4 times as large as now, a huge fattened up balloon that is hanging deep and jiggling with every step, a belly that you have to lift up. A belly that I will put on your butt when I take you doggy style. Isn't that hot? That is why I get a big fat belly, to be able to do that.

To be honest, I'm a fat pig and my belly needs to pump up with fat, it would grow for you, visibly, fatter and fatter.
It feels to me like my gut should already be bigger, that I'm behind on the fattening. So once we meet, instead of enjoying food and sensually feeding me, you might have to and want to push my fat gut a little harder, and you telling me, in a very direct way "I'm now going to fatten you up like a pig!" and do exactly that, push me to massively overeat for several hours, massaging my belly and making room time and time again and then give me heavy cream to drink, as a little fat bomb that can go into my lard gut, to speed up fattening. And every time you give me that bottle with the heavy cream, I moan and pant and gasp: "please fatten me up, I need it so much, I need to expand and gain and fatten!" And that is exactly what you want, this makes us both so horny.
And then it is straddle time.I'm fattening up for you and I make you so horny, I would love you to straddle my belly, feel how I'm fattening under you and in between your legs, as my fat gut gets larger and larger, my sides spread too.

I pant and gasp when I feel how wet you are on my fat, how you rub yourself on my fat belly and get hornier and hornier, so that you drip from getting so turned on. You fattening me turns me on too, my belly is directly connected to my sexuality, it is basically the same thing. And so straddle me and feed me, please speed up my fattening and mix fattener for me, that I can drink for you, that fattens up my gut.

My fattening speed is increasing, it is getting more and more exciting, I love to fatten up fast, my dream and wish is to make you really horny with how I inflate. I might have eaten too much pig fat and it has triggered the same mechanism that makes pigs and hogs gain, how they can't escape it because it is a natural thing for them and normal and good.
I really don't have a choice, I will become extremely obese and I need to fatten up fast and a lot. I'm looking for a woman that turns fat guys into gigantic jiggly fat porkers, that loves that raw powerful need to fatten up and gain that I have. It will turn you on the same way that it does me.

I'm what you would call a super belly feedee, also a pump belly feedee, because you will notice that with me the belly gets gigantic, it pumps up steadily. When I see large inflated balloons, like these weather balloons, i feel that deep in my fat gut, because I can feel how I'm being inflated and fattened very much like this and if you look at before after pictures of you, you will notice that there is a ball of fat that is being pumped up in my middle and it is getting bigger and bigger and the inflation speed it going to increase, it needs to. So it feels like that my belly won't have any size limits and I'm looking for a female feeder that is a total belly lover, a super gut fan, totally oriented and obsessed with my huge fat gut and making it grow fatter and fatter.
I would love to feel your hands on it constantly, you know that I'm thin still, this is just the beginning of my balloon gut.

I have what you call a ball gut, a balloon belly, that will grow gigantically, my fat belly is just getting started.

In a good and very exciting feeding relationship, I as the feedee take care of making her very horny by eating and stuffing myself and when I get full, to keep going and overeat to make sure my already large feedee stomach gets stretched by that pressure. And that I fatten up for her, that I gain and that my belly gets larger and fatter, to turn her on, make her dripping wet by eating anything and everything she gives me, no matter how much and I pant and breathe heavily when I'm so full that I feel explosive in my gut. And my fat gut is hugely inflated, my gut is bigger every time, even without fattening, the fear or popping is so important because it makes a fat porker stretch inside his gut, the stomach becomes a larger and larger sack that grows and grows, the stretch marks grow also, showing where the journey goes.
And I moan and pant from the pressure, I can hardly move anymore, I need your help to get up and to talk, that you support me. And I have to walk slowly and carefully, my gut is moving like a big pumped up sack of lard. If I do a wrong step and stumble, that could send a jolt through my gut and with a big oooooooooooh and looking down at my gut and holding it, a groaning sound coming out of my massive fat gut, it would start to swell, I would pump up in front of you, my gut would lose firmness and grow quite a lot bigger. You would kiss me while my gut inflates and you feel how you are sinking into the fat and how it turns myself so on getting pumped like that. This was going to happen sooner or later, I'm turning into a fat pig.
And when I'm so full and pumped up, I will beg you to stop feeding me.
"Please stop, you're going to make my belly explode!"

I will make you drink this fattener shake in a second, so feel the pressure in your gut and

relax, accept that you will become a super obese fat pig and I'm helping you speed up the inflation of your lard, that pressure pumps it directly into your fat cells and makes sure your stretching and getting more room for fat.
"Pressure is good for a fatty gainer, for a fat pig of a porker that needs to gain faster and faster, it makes you expand." she gave me the bottle, which was a full liter "you need to drink this in a second, this is 60% pure fat, I want your gut to start fattening up for me, quick!"
"In order to not pop, you will fatten up like the fat pig you are!"
"You need to stretch and get used to more and more pressure, I will soon start force feeding you with a tube directly down your throat into your stomach!"

I panted and gasped and moaned at these words "fatten me up! Please faten me up so I double and triple in weight and become a huge fat porker! Pump me, pump me up hard!"

She game me the bottle and put her flat hand on my inflated gut, and pushed gently and then pumped with her hand, rhythmically, then she pushed more and more while she pumped.
she was so horny, I could see how she was dripping wet, I wanted to fuck her so bad, but she was fattening me up and fattening always came first.
She moaned "this is called a belly fat pump massage. It helps the belly fatten up faster, now drink my fatty! Drink fast, this is going to fatten you up quite a bit!"
And I drink and she pumps, and pumps and the pressure jumps in my gut and it groans, she gets so wet from that and puts one hand to her dripping pussy and let's me lick her hand and I swallow greedily, it is her wish that I fatten up in liquid form, it will make me gain faster.

"Come on, hurry up and pump it into you, I'm going to pump your fat!" With every pump she stretched my insides a little, the colon got thicker and the stomach became a larger overstretches sack that was fattening me up faster and faster, I needed more and more to get full. And the tube would then make it inflate real fast, the sides fattening and spreading ,the gut sagging and hanging as it pumped up with more and more fat, the tits sitting on the big pumped up ballgut.
When I was almost finished with drinking it and gasped and panted "I can't keep drinking, I will violently explode when you pump my guts like that!"
"Keep drinking, you must! We have to hurry up, so I can get you immobile soon!"

So I started to drink again and then she told me something that pushed the set point weight up, the goal that my belly was fattening towards, 50 pounds upwards!
"You think there is a fat pump that I will use on you. And I will, it pumps, in pushes, " set point fattening weight got pushed up another 50 pounds, I gasped at how fat this would make me. "and then I want to introduce you to something, when you are used to the tube pumping you up, I will push another tube from the same pump into your butt and even before I pumped you up fully" another 10 pounds up, then 20, then 30, then 40 then 50..."PUMP! PUMP! PUMP! you will thin that is the pump, but I switched that off and you can feel it deep in your gut, the rhythmic pumping that inflates you wiht fat, that pumps up your gut with fat, with every push and it is the fat pump that is in your pig intestines, how it pulsates and pumps fat."
the set point went up and up and up, I inflated, I could feel it in my fat gut, I got saddled with a lot of future fat, it went up 50, then another 50, reaching 300 pounds higher than before starting the pumping.
I had almost the whole thing inside me and I groaned and felt I would really explode, my belly was so huge and inflated that it looked like I was about to explode. She took the bottle and pushed the top where it opened inside her pussy and she was so dripping wet, when she gave me back the bottle, the whole top was dripping wet with her excited pussy juice and I licked it passionately and swallowed, and then kept drinking

I moaned and panted more and more, the feeling of my gut about to burst was so hot and her pumping motions on the gut were so soothing and wonderfully fattening, I felt stretch marks forming on my fat gut, my boobs where swelling with fat from her pumping and the growing fat mound of my fat pad was also inflating and growing.

As I struggled to get the last inside me, she grabbed a picture that she have had hidden and said "I saw this video of this gigantic fat feedee, and there is something really hot that you can do with an immobile feedee, they pushed a tube into his butt and pumped him for a long time, his gut swelling out on the bottom, want to see?" and she showed me the picture, I first could not believe what I saw, she continued "and then when he was really inflated, the inserted also a hose in his mouth and let high pressure inside his balloon stomach and inflated him like a blimp and you would think he would explode a few times, so huge was his belly, but you know what? I will get you there and when you are this fat, your stomach stretches and fattens you up faster because you can't get away and is trying to prevent you from really exploding. There are probably feeders that are really without upper limit and they would fatten you up for days and weeks, nonstop, till you were over 2 tons, just to find out how much even such an obese fattened up hog can take, how much fattening to make such a huge fat whale pop.
I had pumped down the last bits of fattener and my belly growled, which changed in pitch and turned into a stretching sound, deep and low, like of a large sack and hose,it sounded like a pig, a really fat one that got pushed to the limit and was not stretching violently, she smiled and gasped and massaged her pussy and moaned while a few pumps happened in my gut and it came apart, lost firmness, it was just a few pumps and not strong ones neither, but it fattened me up and made me come, moaning and panting as my belly got fatter, my fat pad jigglier, my legs got more padding and my breasts grew larger, I could feel it, fat was pushing into them and stretching them too. I came with a fatgasm, my first one, just from being overfed and fattened up by her.

Oh, that was hot, I hope I made you wet, it made me very horny too. I just channel my excitement into my words, I was so in the zone when writing this, I know not all of this can be real, but please, lets find out what can be done? If this made you excited too, you should do this to me, as much as possible, I want to fatten up, I need this treatment.
My fat gut needs to grow so much, it is such an elemental need and excitement to fatten up, I guess I'm one of the gigantic super bellies and I need a woman that loves gigantic huge bellies, because you can fatten me up and grow me one. There is also a pump and inflation stuff, that would make my belly really huge really fast, I would love to talk about that, I hope that is so exciting for you too.

I should just be made to sag, I can't wait for it.
If you fed me, I would balloon up so well, I dream about my fattening and gaining directly connected with your pussy and your arousal, when you get horny, I fatten up. When I fatten up, you get aroused and then I get fattened up more, which also makes me hot.

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