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Danny gets the Pork'n'Pump

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This is a little weight gain story for gay feedees and feeders. I made a new category on the site, so all these stories can easily be found.

Pork and Pump was ruining Danny. it was his undoing. Mike had wanted to introduce him to it and now Danny could not stop anymore.
Danny took a step and wobbled, his gut hung, his tits were large hanging moobs 

and he felt the cock of yet another young horny dude on his leg. The eager dude played with his fat butt pussy, and shoved something inside it, Danny gasped and got ready. He knew, that guy wanted to pork and pump him and Danny had to let it happen, it helped him grow and fatten up. It was just that the fattening had gotten out of hand.
Mike had arranged quite a lot of lovers of obese guys to come visit and now they were porking and pumping him like there was no tomorrow. Danny had fallen for it, it was the hottest thing that had ever happened

Mike had shown it to all the guys present, there were 5 and they were all horny like hell and ready to squirt really fast.
Mike "This is Danny, the porker! We are porking him up, he is a fattening pig, a lard ass, which you will soon discover on your cock. We pork him, literally" and he took a small piece of fat pork belly and shoved it into Danny's mouth.
Danny moaned and chewed on it, swallowed.
"Danny has consumed too much bacon and pork fat in the past, it has taken its toll, as you can see from his hanging gut, he is now saddled with pork fat and it is making him fatten up faster, he is a fattening hog! He is giving in more and more and so we need to fatten him up! A fat pig like Danny serves his feeder, he feels very grateful and endlessly horny about being fattened up by his feeder, so he becomes a lust object" and Danny took Mike's cock and started to blow it like there was no tomorrow.
"The most passionate cock blow jobs are from pigs that are gaining quickly, they are hungry and cocks fatten up fatties like Danny!"
Mike pulled out the cock and Danny gasped and oinked like a pig, he was frustrated.
"If you want him to fatten up faster, just fatten him up more and don't let him suck your cock, because that will make him even more desperate and desperate to get your cock again!"

He took Danny and turned him around, slapped his fat ass, which wobbled.
"But the best thing about such a fat porker is that he is a fat arse, literally. Such a fat pig is an anal lovers dream because the butt cheeks pump up with fat, the bulge out and inflate and soon the anus is deeply embedded into lard, giving me a fucking experience of a lifetime!" and Mike shoved his cock between Danny's fat buttcheeks and pushed.
Danny gasped and panted.
"The fat pig also enjoys it more and more, he needs to get fucked, the fatter his asshole grows!"
Mike fucked deep and sank into the lard and it jiggled and wobbled.
"Such a fat arse becomes more and more a fat fuck, literally! And Danny needs to fatten up, strongly and faster, like any pig and so we pork him!"
Mike took several pieces of fat pork belly and pushed them into Danny's but crevice. "make sure you load him plenty, he needs it, you are helping him out!" and Mike pushed with his cock, pushed the pieces deeper in, the touched Danny's anus and he knew that feeling, it was fattening and porking up that was coming. Mike pushed more and Danny moaned loud and felt the cock push the pieces inside him, slipping in.
"Then make sure you push it all the way in there!" and Mike slid in till the hilt, till his balls crowded Danny's fat cheeks and touched his anus.
He was panting and so horny, it was the perfect thing for this fat porker, that was why his buttcheeks had gotten so fat.
"Pump and Pork!" said Mike and fucked Danny deep.
Put more fat into his butt, "and pump and pork!" and pushed them inside Danny's colon again, sliding all the way in.
Danny moaned louder and louder.
"Every push, every thrust makes this fat pig fatter, you should see how fat he has gotten just through the fucking I have done with him. Pork lard is ideal for this fat porker, as it directly blows him up!" said Mike while he kept fucking.
One of the guys went over to Danny's mouth and Danny took his hard cock inside greedily and the hard guy put piece after piece of fat pork belly in his mouth and fucked it into his gullet and stomach. Danny's gullet opened up and he was so eager to be fattened up from both sides.

The guy that fucked Danny in the ass moaned and panted, fucking all that fat and feeling it wobble jiggle turned him on so much, he did not last long and ejaculated hard, pushing all the way in.
"Make sure you impregnate our fat pig with your semen, deep, it fattens him up!" said Mike.
The next guy fucked Danny soon and one guy came inside his mouth when he pushed all the way inside. It looked hot, Danny with a pumping cock deep in his mouth and getting filled and pumped with cum.

Danny got pumped and porked by all the cocks till his ass was filled with cum and till his stomach was almost about to explode and cum was dripping out of his fat mouth and down his double chin and like his fat gut, his fat tits and his fat ass and fat pad was being pumped up with fat as he was moaning and panting, trying to swallow all that cum.

They left and left Danny with his feeder, gaining pumping and expanding from all that porking and pumping.

And days later, they all came back, 5 guys, standing all around Danny and holding the fat porker in their midst, feeling his fat folds, feeling his double chin and tits and sagging belly and they realized that yes, they were porking him up, they were making him into a really fat porker, they kissed him, imparting the raging testosterone that was running through their horny veins into him and he could feel their cocks, hard and eager, push into his fat. He was getting fatter and foldier and these fat folds were ideal for a cock to be fucked.

One of the really big folds was the fat pad and belly fold, which happened when Danny's fat pad and hanging gut competed for dominance.

But Danny also felt his fat pad pump up, the fat pussy growing, ballooning deeper and deeper, and at the same time seeing Danny's fat vagina on his asshole grow too, Danny got ready for porking up with pig fat

One of the guys grabbed his fat ass and gasped how Danny was putting on fat there. Danny's butt jiggled now. He took 2 pieces of pork lard and pushed them between Danny's cheeks. He pushed his cock in his cheeks and pushed against the fat, Danny moaned and gasped. The guy pushed his cock more and said "let's pork you up you fat pig!" and Danny's butthole opened up automatically, he was turning into a fat pig, he could feel it.

The guy waited, pushing his cock against Danny's fat pussy entrance and Danny started to moan louder, it was muffled, as one of the guys touched his huge cock to Danny's face cheeks and then slid in, deep-throating the fattening guy.
They both pushed and both sides went in deeper and Danny moaned and panted muffled, as they pumped pieces of fat pork belly in him with their cocks and the guy at his butt enjoyed how much the fat was now jiggling

The cock was being swallowed more and more with lots of fat and the ball sacks of the guys started to push deeper and deeper into the fat folds and crack of his butt.
Danny felt the pumping and pulsation of the ball sacks as the guys came inside him, mixing the cum with the fat and fattening up the fat porker in the best way possible for guys, the cum impregnating the fat. It was also a powerful cycle, which drove the fat arse fatter and fatter, because they wanted to fuck him more and more, as he jiggled and wobbled for them, teasing them. He was also their product, every time they met him, he was more obese and fatter and the guys could not believe how hot his asshole now was to fuck, how thick the layers of jiggling fat were, ideal to fuck.

How fat did they pork and pump up Danny? I wish I could show you ;-)

Some guys need the double pork, porking them porks them up, as they pork up, feeders want to pork them up even more and pork them, so they jiggle and wobble with every push.

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